CHEERS TO THE GOOD LIFE From the arty labels and the creative branding to the unique flavors and the high quality ingredients. The founders of Kultivate always had a thing for craft beer. In fact, they dreamed of opening a beer shop one day. Even when the growing success of Kultivate kind of slowed down their big brew plans, the hop hunt never stopped. Facing some serious ale time was just always part of the plan.

And now is the time. In collaboration with Dutch microbrewer Jan van den Hoogen we proudly present our first ever Kultivate craft! A limited edition of Jan’s award winning, high quality beer Luie Lozzie, freshly brewed for everyone who is up for a celebration. The collab includes a custom made 4-pack of 4 limited edition Luie Lozzie beers and a matching snifter glass

ABOUT THE BEER Luize Lozzie is a slightly stronger yet deliciously fresh summer beer that comes with fine fruity flavors and a hint of coriander. It was crafted in Brabant, in the Southern region of The Netherlands, by micro brewer Jan van den Hoogen. Jan made his first beer in 2011 and has won several prices at the Dutch national championship of amateur brewing ever since.

Just like any other beer, Jan’s crafts are made of water, malt, hops and yeast. But it’s the proportions, along with a catchy name like Lamme Loekie that give each and every of his beers a unique and very own identity. Luie Lozzie was named after the easy going lifestyle that the Dutch region of origin is known for. Luie means lazy, lozzie means watch.

As the name already suggests, this craft beer is all about enjoying the good life. With good friends and helluva hop. Well-being can only be “Kultivated” when you take time every day to slow down. And a Luie Lozzie is the perfect drink to do so. From a lazy Sunday on your rooftop terrace to a BBQ at the park. Pair with a large snifter beer glass to make the most of your summer. The shape allows for swirling to release even more aromas.

The beers will not be available for sale, but we promise that you’ll definitely get a chance to cheers with us. Follow @kultivateofficial on Instagram to find out when, where and how. All craft stories will be tagged with #kultivatecraft.